Research on COVID

Initiative to accelerate the development of
COVID clinical trials and registries

Research on COVID


It is urgent to quickly generate evidence and knowledge about COVID, possible therapies, and how coronavirus affects patients with other diseases.

Now more than ever, it is important to implement, with scientific rigor, any action that could stop this pandemic and prevent its reoccurrence with the same intensity.

Our initiative supports clinical trials related to coronavirus, as well as registries that link COVID with other diseases, and that require rapid implementation.


Realizing that all healthcare professionals are totally dedicated to healthcare work related to COVID, at Persei we have decided to take on the challenge of implementing research projects related to coronavirus, as rapidly as possible, with all the scientific rigor needed, even in these pressing circumstances.

Together with our partners, we will be able to implement clinical trials and COVID registries within just a few days. We will be creating electronicCRFs, helping with protocol design, communicating with AEMPS, etc.

Considering the current circumstances in hospitals, we are significantly enabling the recording and integration of cases, thanks to the versatility of our technology.


The COVID research projects (trials or registries) provide an understanding of the disease that is very much needed and appreciated. This enables reports in high-impact publications that share the interventions with other healthcare professionals.

Stop the pandemic and understand COVID
  • Clinical trials with dozens of cases are providing the primary basis for actions in treating patients with COVID.

    Because of this, and considering the magnitude of the pandemic, it is vital to generate early data in clinical trials of therapies, as well as in registries that rigorously analyze the impact of COVID in patients with other diseases or conditions.


At Persei vivarium, we are actively collaborating in the implementation of research projects and registries related to COVID. We are doing this along with the Ministry of Health, scientific societies, work groups, research foundations, and the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are thinking of launching some clinical trial related to coronavirus, or a registry that analyzes its impact in patients with a specific disease or condition, we would love to collaborate with you and accelerate your implementation and mobilization. We will fully adapt ourselves to the budgetary and timeline requirements of each project.

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Persei vivarium is a digital health company whose technology is used in relevant high-impact clinical projects around the world. Our innovative solutions for the management of real-life data facilitate the operation of the healthcare process, clinical research, and remote monitoring of patients.

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